Synthetic vs. Herbal Drugs

Synthetic drugs are man-made substances. These are the medications we receive from big pharma. However, while they do treat our illnesses, they do not cure us. Doctors typically do not look for the root cause of an illness, just that you have this illness or symptom and this medication treats that specific symptom/illness. Here at Rare Apothecary we look deeper into your well-being. We want to figure out what the root cause of your symptoms are. We want to cure you, not treat you. We do not want anyone to suffer from any “chronic” disease. Doctors like to use the word chronic, we want to get rid of that term. Chronic in a doctor's world means long-lasting. You might seem to give up hope when a doctor uses that medical term. Don’t. I, the founder of Rare Apothecary, was told my IBS was a chronic illness. I went to many doctor visits and tried many synthetic drugs to treat it, none worked. I took matters into my own hands and started doing research on natural herbs and oils to treat my so-called "long-lasting" illness. I found a cure. Aloe vera, slippery elm and castor oil. Three years of suffering with IBS took me about three weeks to cure. That is not the only “chronic” illness I will find a cure for. I will work hard to find cures for my customers using herbal drugs and natural oils. My team and I have a mission we will accomplish. It all starts with you, you matter to us.

Why choose herbal drugs over synthetic drugs?

Humans are susceptible to error and mistakes. Nature is not. Humans are not only susceptible to errors and mistakes, we are also greedy. Greed is a part of human nature. The history of greed can be traced back to the development of human civilization. In early societies, resources were limited and individuals had to compete for access to food, shelter, and other basic necessities. Our resources are still limited today. In Fact humans are more greedy than ever because of the limited resource of money. Humans are driven by money. At times humans may put themselves over another individual's expense for their money. Let's use big pharma as an example. Do you really think a couple of pills could cost over a thousand dollars? A couple of capsules filled with powder for over a thousand dollars? This has to be one of the biggest scams in human history. Let's use Xeljanz for example. Xeljanz is one of the most expensive synthetic drugs in the U.S. costing around $6,639.03 for 1, 60 tablets. Xeljanz is a prescription drug used to treat adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis. However turmeric, aloe vera, thyme, cat's claw, indian frankincense and other natural herbs can be used to treat adults with these illnesses. Much cheaper and much safer than Xeljanz. The FDA in 2021 updated its drug and safety concern to alert the public that initial safety trials linked to Xeljanz to an increased risk of serious cardiovascular events. Lawsuits against the drug include cardiac arrest and cardiovascular death. If you're paying 6K for a couple pills you’d expect a miracle drug, not a heart attack. Next time you purchase a synthetic drug from the pharmacy just think about human error, greed and take a look at the side-effects of the drug you are taking. While some natural herbs aren't perfect, nearly all have additional health benefits than the specific/main use it is used for.