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Hi, my name is Casey Gentile, licensed pharmacy technician and owner of Rare Apothecary. I started my online apothecary to help others and spread awareness of the dangers of synthetic drugs, food additives, heavy metals, and forever chemicals. Every person deserves to live a healthy and happy life away from all the dangers they may not even be aware of. I want to teach people everything I have learned over the past three years of extensive research I have done. And, most importantly, help people live the happy and healthy lives they deserve. Away from all the chemicals and harmful synthetic drugs. The food industries and big pharma are hurting people and spreading false information. Such as, a chronic illness is long lasting and not curable. You can read about my research in my blogs to learn more. I will do whatever it takes to put an end to all the suffering and damage they have caused. With your help we can make a change.

Research Blogs

Have trouble sleeping? Try our new Sleep Formula!

This Sleep Formula is crafted to foster restful and rejuvenating sleep through a blend of natural ingredients. Unlike other sleep supplements, our last ingredient is melatonin! There is only 1mg in each capsule. Sleep Formula is designed to promote a tranquil night’s sleep, leveraging the synergistic effects of Valerian Extract, Chamomile, GABA, and more. This carefully formulated supplement supports your body's natural sleep cycle without the use of artificial additives, ensuring a holistic approach to better sleep.

Sleep Formula